***Stay the Course***The Trend is Intact***

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Dear Friends,

Executive Summary

The long-term uptrend in Large US Stocks continues intact,

The Details

Below is a 20-year monthly chart of the S&P 500 Index, an index of Large US Companies. The red line is the long-term trend line, the 10-month simple moving average of prices (to smooth out all the squiggles).

A definition of a trend is the slope of the trendline.

As long as the slope of the trendline remains up – the uptrend is intact.

Notice the green circle in the chart – the red line is sloped UP right now. That means the up-trend is intact!

Therefore, we want to stay invested.

Also, look at the past 20 years – you obviously want to be invested in US Large Cap stocks when the slope of the trend line is UP and out when the slope of the trend line is down.

Simple stuff.

But, as you know the Trend is your FRIEND.

The Go Nowhere Dow Jones Industrial Average

Below is a 2-year chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (“Dow”).

Notice the 2 Green circles that I have added to the chart.

Two years ago the Dow was at 18053.71 and today the Dow closed at 18037.10.

Unfortunately markets sometimes do that – they move sideways -- and this time we had 2 scary drops during the period as you can see.

It is in times like these that our clients love our dividend model portfolios.

While the market chops around sideways, going nowhere, they are collecting dividends every month.

If you have an interest, we have 3 different dividend stock models:

Each model portfolio consists of approximately 20 individual high quality stocks. Every stock in the portfolio pays dividends.

The 3 model portfolios are:

  • #6di, focuses on companies paying high current dividend yields

  • #8d, focuses on companies who pay a respectable dividend, but the companies have exhibited strong dividend growth rates, so our clients enjoy raises practically every year

  • #8es, focuses on essential service companies that we all need no matter what the economy is doing, such as: telecomm, energy, water, gas & electric utilities, TV, entertainment, waste management

Call the office 800.578.3181x0 if you want more details.

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