How Rewarding Are Rewards Programs?

Many major businesses these days offer rewards programs in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Used correctly these rewards programs can offer you some great ways to save some money. Remember, however, that you shouldn’t get too caught up in rewards programs as their main design and function is to get you to spend more money. Here are some everyday places that offer programs along with the reasons you need to be wary of them:

Pharmacies Major pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens offer loyalty programs which allow you to earn points to receive money off on future purchases or provide you with special coupons to save you money on certain products. However, just because you receive benefits for shopping at these stores doesn’t mean they are cheaper than bigger supermarkets. Because these places are often more convenient and easier to shop in they charge more for some basic products. If one of these stores is your go to pharmacy for your prescriptions these rewards programs could be worth trying.

Restaurants Many chain restaurants of all varieties, from fast food to sit down restaurants, offer really great and easy to use rewards programs. If you already frequently eat somewhere there is no harm in signing up to their rewards program, but signing up to multiple restaurants’ programs will require you to be able to exercise a lot of self-control as you don’t want to end up spending more money on going out just because eventually you could get something for free or heavily discounted. Do some research on your favorite restaurants and see what their rewards program entails, but only stick to a few.

Makeup Brands Makeup can be a costly monthly expense, so finding ways to keep those costs down while also being able to try new things is very enticing for makeup lovers. Don’t fall into the trap of signing up for any and all rewards programs you find as this will encourage you to spend money in multiple places which over time will cost you a lot more. Instead, sign up to the rewards program for the makeup store where you most frequently shop. Researching the program that offers the best rewards for your situation is beneficial as places like Ulta, Sephora, and MAC all offer different benefits to being a member.

As a general rule with any rewards program avoid the temptation to constantly build your rewards and only buy what you need, even if you think you’re close to earning a specific reward. Spending extra money to earn these rewards will only hurt your budget in the end.

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