Three Tips to Keep Halloween from Spooking Your Wallet

The time of year for drinking pumpkin spice lattes, attending fall festivals, and taking pictures at pumpkin patches is finally here. Of course that also means that for people who love all things spooky, there’s haunted houses to terrify you, scary movies to make you jump, and a whole host of other Halloween fun! According to Forbes, Americans spent $9.1 billion for Halloween last year. Between costumes, candy, and finding fun activities for your family to enjoy the costs really start to add up. So if you’re like one of the 179 million Americans who enjoy celebrating Halloween, you might be looking for ways to lower some of those costs. Here are some ideas to help you out:

Costumes Costumes can easily become the biggest cost at Halloween, especially if you’re wanting to dress up the whole family. Before rushing out to the nearest super expensive costume store think about some creative costumes that you can put together cheaply, perhaps even with some things you have laying around the house. Try dollar stores or the normal toy section of a store for some cheaper pieces that you could put together into a great costume for one of your little ones. If you’re not feeling very crafty or don’t have time to make costumes try finding some good cheaper costumes at a thrift store. Additionally, you probably have a few friends who don’t want to use their same costumes from last year but don’t want to spend too much on a new one either. Ask if they’d be interested in doing a costume swap so that you both get to keep your costumes fresh this year. Treats If you’re planning on providing some treats for all those trick or treaters who come knocking on your door then, depending on where you live and how many kids frequent your area, you might have to spend quite a bit to keep those kids happy. Kids will mostly be expecting candy, but make sure you’re giving them individually wrapped pieces so their parents know it’s safe. If you have a membership to a warehouse store, buy your candy from there as you’ll be able to get bulk packs for cheap. Also, in these final days leading up to Halloween check around your local stores for deals.

Decorations Decorating for Halloween is becoming almost as popular as decorating for Christmas, which means a lot of money is being spent every year on all sorts of spooky things to make your house look scary. Instead of coughing up a bunch of money to your local superstores have a look online to see what decorations you can make at home. It’s easy to find loads of do-it-yourself ideas on websites such as Pinterest which can have your house looking just as terrifying as your neighbor’s without costing you a load.

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