Bond Salesman of the Year

12/21/2018 1:26:38 PM

Dear Friends,

Jerome Powell – raises interest rates again

· Powell could easily be blamed for this entire market decline starting in October

· He’s been an aggressive Hawk with interest rates

· Conspiracy theorists would say that by causing trouble for stocks, Chairman Powell is selling treasury bonds, as investors flee stocks and buy bonds

· Let’s just say Chairman Powell is not on my Christmas list

Look at the S&P 500 index 20-year monthly chart

· The red line is the long-term trend line

· The blue lines create a 10% plus or minus around the trend line

· Note the red boxes – they mark the times that the S&P 500 index dropped below the lower band (i.e., -10% below the long-term trend line).

· Last occurrence was 2012, although we touched the bottom envelope in 2010, 2015 & 2016

What to do?

· We have been trimming our equity positions, reducing our stock % allocation in our model portfolios.

· If you are concerned, call our office 800-578-3181

· You and your advisor can discuss your options, which are:

· Dial down your equity %

· Dial up your equity % (stocks are low and on sale)

· Stay the course, do nothing

Merry Christmas.

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